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Dec 15 '13

"You sleep rather soundly for a murderer. That’s good. You’ll need a clear conscience for what I’m about to propose."

Meet Lucien Lachance, Speaker of the Black Hand and prized assassin of the Dark Brotherhood. Operating out of an old fort just outside of Cheydinhal, he is one of the most loyal servants of Sithis, and even manages some of the Dark Brotherhood’s recruitment, including your own initiation.

He revels in the murders of victims, and is pleased at the opportunity to invite new blood into his family, offering you a new blade with which to kill your targets, starting with the attempted rapist and successful murderer Rufio. After you have fully joined the guild, he provides most of your contracts himself, taking you under his wing so that you too may become a prominent, powerful member of the brotherhood.

Your status as a new assassin ends up being a significant benefit, protecting you from the rite of Purification… but requiring you to show your loyalty by performing it yourself. Afterwards, he gifts you his dear steed, Shadowmere, and promotes you to the rank of Silencer.

When things go awry due to continued treachery within the brotherhood, he confronts you and fleshes out a plot to stop it for good. However, things don’t quite go as planned…

Long after these events, his ghost returns to aid the Dragonborn while still serving Sithis in the afterlife. His old friend Shadowmere returns with him, manifesting in a more corporeal manner.

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