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Jul 22 '14


Did you know that the wiki has an IRC channel? #uespwiki on

You can access it with any IRC client, or use our webchat located on the wiki!

Jul 20 '14

reasons to play skyrim:


  • interspecies and gay marriage is allowed (you can be a lizard guy and marry a werewolf dude if you want)
  • you can kill things by yelling at them
  • you can punch bears
  • you can secretly shove 100 potatoes in someone’s pocket
  • there are lizard furry porn books scattered all across the place

Yes shove all the potatoes into pockets

Jul 17 '14

ESO On Steam!

Good news for all Steam users out there! Elder Scrolls Online is now available on Steam, and currently at a heavily discounted price. You will still need a Bethesda Online account to play.

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Jul 17 '14

grahamburglar asked:

So I've been playing Arena and I got a rescue quest from a lord -- he told me the dungeon was east of the town, so I went east. I've been to at least a dozen dungeons and none of them is the right one. How do you find the dungeon for your quest????

Goodness, it has been far too long since I played Arena. Followers, any help for this fellow adventurer?

Jul 17 '14

nedgraf asked:

Hey i was just wondering if i could have a list of Breton holidays and the dates they fall in? Thank you :)

Check the page here for the holidays celebrated in the Elder Scrolls series!

Jul 17 '14

Anonymous asked:

yo, that link to the blog pops up with a message saying "Please stop referer spam.We have identified that you have been refered here by a known or supposed spammer." if i type the link into my url it's fine; it's just if i use that link in the post

I believe this issue has been resolved. 

Jul 17 '14
Here’s the only non-Mournhold screenshot I took while in the Deshaan region of Morrowind
—submitted by tsarfish

Here’s the only non-Mournhold screenshot I took while in the Deshaan region of Morrowind

—submitted by tsarfish

Jul 17 '14

green-buns asked:

You guys have a tumblr!?!?! PARADISE

I know right? :D

Jul 12 '14


"The average person is attacked by 3 cliffracers every year" factoid is just a statistical error.  The average person is attacked by 0 cliffracers every year.  Neravarine Georg, who adventures in caves and is attacked by 10,000 cliffracers every day, is an outlander adn should not have been counted


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Apr 26 '14