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Sep 28 '14

We finally did it. We bought the lighthouse. I thought Habd was just making idle promises all these years, what husband doesn’t want to promise their wife the two moons from the sky, but I didn’t think we’d actually manage to get it! Now if I could only find where we put everything.

On the snowy tundra between Winterhold and Dawnstar stands Frostflow Lighthouse, a remote building overlooking the Sea of Ghosts. It has been abandoned until recently, when a Redguard couple, Habd and Ramati, finally managed to realize their dream of purchasing it, planning to spend their silver years in the lighthouse. The couple brought their two grown children, Sudi and Mani, hoping that eventually they’d decide to stay with their parents. Both children hated the place, but the parents kept hoping they would just stay in the lighthouse for a few years before venturing out into the world on their own. 

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I’ve always enjoyed the darker moments in ES games, such as this quest. One of my particular favorite quests has always been the second one involving Water’s Edge, simply due to the horror of the realization of what you have done.

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Sep 28 '14
New Featured Image! This new featured image shows Lokra’s arrival into Daggerfall.

Original upload

New Featured Image! This new featured image shows Lokra’s arrival into Daggerfall.

Original upload

Sep 4 '14

Daedra (/diː.dɹə/ or /deɪ.dɹə/) are divine beings that did not take part in the creation of the Mundus, and thus retain the full breadth of their power. They have a very real impact on the mortal realm; in one way or another, Daedric influence touches everyone on Tamriel.

Daedra come in many forms. Undoubtedly there are true Daedra, such as the Daedra Princes and highly intelligent Dremora. There are many lesser beings known to be in league with these greater powers, but whether each type constitutes actual Daedra is unknown.

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Aug 29 '14

The Dragons (drah-gkon and dov-rha to the ancient Nords, or dov in their native language) are a rarely-seen race of large reptilian beasts. They are rumored to be from Akavir (which literally means “Dragon Land”), though there are ancient tales of dragons also coming from Atmora. They are large, scaled creatures, easily several times larger than a human or elf. They have long, slender extremities, with thin bat-like wings and ridges of spikes along their back. Dragons have three sharp talons and one vestigial digit known as a dewclaw on each of their legs, as evidenced by their alphabet.

Read more about them at Lore:Dragons. Dragons were one of the main selling points for Skyrim, and they pulled them off in a big way (no pun intended). However, before their main reveal in Skyrim, dragons did manage some fantastic moments in the series. Who can forget the entirely bizarre tale of King Edward, which heavily featured a dragon who went by the name of Akatosh (not the One most people would be thinking of) and its adventures alongside a group of mortals. Notably, King Edward has yet to be released again after its initial debut in Daggerfall. Besides that, there were little details on dragons this early in the series, though. We knew Akatosh (both of them) were dragons, but few actual details were given. To make the matter even more confusing, a monster that went by the name “Dragonling” could be found across the Iliac Bay, confusing an already not understood subject to a greater degree. I guess if you really looked into it, you’d discover the dragon Skakmat, but he doesn’t count simply because he couldn’t be bothered to actually show up in the game. So to put it simply, dragons in dragons in Daggerfall just did not count.

Following Daggerfall, we wouldn’t see dragons again until the release of Battlespire, where we would meet Nafaalilargus. Nafaalilargus would try to stop Cyrus, unsuccessfully, in the first real dragon fight of the series. Cyrus of course defeats him. Although, since Cyrus was not Dragonborn, he could very well be alive once more. Astute readers will also note that dragon name does not work within our knowledge of their language. The best guess is that he is actually “Nahfahlaar”, just using a different spelling or pseudonym.

Our last encounter with dragons would come with game preceding Skyrim, Oblivion. Well sort of. I mean, if you’re not counting the Time Dragon arriving in person, or at least its avatar, what can you count? The answer to that question? Not Dragonlings.

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Aug 29 '14

The Standing Stones are magical stones found in the wilderness which can give your character special abilities and powers. There are thirteen Standing Stones in total, each associated with one of Tamriel’s thirteen constellations. Usually, only one stone’s effects can be active at a time, although you can change which stone is active at any time by activating a different Standing Stone.

Read more about them at Skyrim:Standing Stone. One of my personal favorite image subjects.

Aug 29 '14

When your article has space for a single image of a particular fight, but your subject is a werewolf fighting off its hunters, you’ll end up with a good number of versions you don’t end up using, no matter how much you like them. For the record, I went with the last one. That dastardly grin and devilish stance forced me to.

Aug 27 '14

Arniel Gane, a Breton conjurer, is one of the scholars at the College of Winterhold. He specializes in the art of Alteration although most of his time is spent on research entirely unrelated to the arcane arts, something he keeps a secret from everyone until you have completed Hitting the Books. At that point he reveals his secret and asks for your help to uncover one of the greatest mysteries in Skyrim history.

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Jul 22 '14


Did you know that the wiki has an IRC channel? #uespwiki on

You can access it with any IRC client, or use our webchat located on the wiki!

Jul 20 '14

reasons to play skyrim:


  • interspecies and gay marriage is allowed (you can be a lizard guy and marry a werewolf dude if you want)
  • you can kill things by yelling at them
  • you can punch bears
  • you can secretly shove 100 potatoes in someone’s pocket
  • there are lizard furry porn books scattered all across the place

Yes shove all the potatoes into pockets

Jul 17 '14

ESO On Steam!

Good news for all Steam users out there! Elder Scrolls Online is now available on Steam, and currently at a heavily discounted price. You will still need a Bethesda Online account to play.

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